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New Wave Enviro Premium 10-Stage Replacement Cartridge
New Wave Enviro Premium 10-Stage Replacement Cartridge

Our Price: $63.88

Product Code: NW19

Color: White/Clear

Recommended Length of Usage: Up to 1 Year (Family of 4) 1,500 Gallons

Materials: All plastic for the 10 Stage Water Filter and the 10 Stage Replacement cartridges are made from BpA-free and phthalate-free polypropylene

    • Stage 1 - 30 micron sponge filter. Traps larger & floating solids (sediments) such as rust.
    • Stage 2 - 8 oz. of KDF-55. KDF-55 is a patented alloy which removes free chlorine (gas state) and some heavy metals, thereby prolonging the life of the filter and is an excellent Bacteriostat.
    • Stage 3 - 10 micron felt pad which removes smaller floating solids and separates the layers, preserving their integrity.
    • Stage 4 - 30 cubic inches of ultra fine mesh, superior coconut shell and granulated activated carbon. Granulated activated carbon has long been accepted by the E.P.A. and others as the premier, cost-effective way to remove chlorine (combined), bad odors and color from drinking water. G.A.C. also removes organic contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, mercury and Trihalomethanes.
    • Stage 5 - 10 micron felt pad for fine sediment removal and separates the layers, preserving their integrity.
    • Stage 6 - 7 cubic inches of ion exchange resin which reduces lead.
    • Stage 7 - Additional 30 micron felt pad provides an extra buffer against floating sediment of any kind.
    • Stage 8 - 7 cubic inch bed of Granulated Activated Carbon which provides extra protection against cancer-causing organic pollutants.
    • Stage 9 - 2 oz. of calcite which raises the water’s pH and lowers acidity. It also increases alkalinity, which many nutritionists recommend
    • Stage 10 - 1 micron absolute depth filter. A filter with a micron rating this small screens out cysts and protozoa and gives the filtered water a sparkling clarity.

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